Conference Working Party


CWP 2018 comprises the following members:

·       Rachel Brett (The British Library)
·       Nicholas Brown (Chair, Christie’s Education)
·       Alexandra Duncan (Central Saint Martins & ARLISmatters editor)
·       Laura Elliot (Goldsmiths)
·       Gustavo Grandal Montero (Chelsea College of Art & Art Libraries Journal editor)
·       Cathy Johns (Royal College of Art & ARLISmatters editor)
·       Harriet Lam (City and Guilds of London School of Art)
·       Rosaline Love (Royal Horticultural Society)
·       Stephanie Moran (Stuart Hall Library, Iniva)
·       Hayley Webb (Sotheby’s Institute of Art)
·       Laura Williams (University of Huddersfield)


ARLIS Conference

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