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Further information

For more about the background to the project, see:

Dodds, D. & Cook, A. The National Art Library, ARLIS/UK & Ireland and the Union List of Art, Architecture and Design Serials. The Serials Librarian, vol. 32, nos. 3-4, 1997, pp.127-137. ISSN 0361-526X

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Credits and Acknowledgements

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The pictures on this website have been taken from:

Cambridge photos courtesy

Neil Adams, Liverpool Chinese Gate

The National Gallery, from Trafalgar Square,
Photo credit David Cantrell

Tate Britain, Inside Clore Gallery Entrance
Copyright. Tate

Art Monthly logo

ARLIS AGM 2009; Chelsea Old College Library photos
courtesy Emily Glancy

Photos of UEL Library courtesy UEL

Whitechapel Gallery
Photo credit Gavin Jackson

Burne-Jones, Harris Manchester chapel window, Oxford.
Photo credit Vicky Brown