Council News, July 2016

Council News, July 2016 Council met on June 21 in the meeting room of the National Portrait Gallery. Thank you to Joseph Ripp for hosting us.  As I wrote in my last report from Council, ARLIS is at a crossroads and we have to evaluate everything we do so we spent time discussing the findings […] has closed : art libraries encouraged to join SUNCAT was a cooperative project of ARLIS/UK & Ireland; providing an online union catalogue of serials in member libraries, together with a directory of institutions. Both originated in print products dating back to the early days of ARLIS/UK & Ireland, when it was far more difficult for libraries with complementary needs and resources to find […]

Council news…

Council met on the morning of 13 April before the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Council business tends to follow a rather routine pattern with reports from the officers (Chair, Hon. Treasurer,  Hon. Secretary) and Business Manager, as well as reports from the chairs of each of our committees alongside updates on conference planning and other activities. Our […]