About arlis.net

The arlis.net service is designed to help users who are trying to locate art, architecture and design publications, plus related materials. The service includes a database of periodical titles (or magazines / journals / serials), plus a list of art libraries and links to other sources of information. 

Periodicals database

The arlis.net periodicals database provides details of around 18,000 magazines on art, architecture and design. The database was compiled from information supplied by academic, public, national and special libraries throughout the UK and Ireland. For each periodical, the database gives a summary of the issues held by each library . In some cases the data was supplied some years ago, so do check with the library before travelling.

An increasing number of libraries in the arlis.net database are also included in SUNCAT, the Serials Union Catalogue for the UK research community. The information on SUNCAT is invariably much more up to date, so we plan to remove the arlis.net holdings for these libraries shortly. Some institutions are also included in COPAC, which provides access to the catalogue records of over 70 major UK and Irish libraries.

List of art libraries

The arlis.net site also provides a simple A to Z list of libraries with art, architecture and design collections. The entries are based upon information about institutional members of ARLIS/UK and Ireland. There are also links to printed guides for specific areas such as Dublin, Edinburgh and Leeds.

Other sources

arlis.net includes a list of other useful sources in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere. The list includes library catalogues, periodicals databases, and sources of information about artists' papers or auction house sale catalogues.