Do you enjoy helping people with information problems and enquiries?

Do you want to help artists and designers, and the artists and designers of the future?

Art librarians collect, organise and make accessible material relating to the visual arts, architecture and design. This material may include digital resources, DVDs/videos, graphic material, slides and artists books as well as the more conventional books and journals.

Art librarians play a key role in helping visual arts researchers, art and design students and teachers, curators and the general public to access the specialist information and resources they need to pursue their research, studies and interests.

As an art librarian you could equally well be responsible for documenting a rare photographic research collection as working with a course team to build a virtual art library on Second Life. Your work as an art librarian could include:

  • Identifying, acquiring and organising information about art, architecture and design
  • Advising and supporting library users, whether they are looking for information on zoot suits or needing to locate a sixteenth-century Dutch painting reproduced on a teapot lid
  • Engaging in teaching practice which helps library users to develop good information,research and critical evaluation skills

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