ARLIS Cataloguing and Classification Committee ethics series

The ARLIS Cataloguing and Classification Committee ethics series is now available on the ARLIS YouTube channel –

Following from Dr Deborah Lee’s Introduction to Cataloguing and Classification Ethics – – the committee invited speakers to introduce and share past, recent and ongoing acquisitions of ethical practices in cataloguing and classification.  Over a series of 8 weeks the following topics were presented as lunchtime talks, followed by a Q&A session.

Jane Daniels and Diane Pennington on the Cataloguing Code of Ethics 2021 – Conception, Community and Continuation –

Nicole Brandon on Decolonization, Distance and Ethics: Cataloguing & Classification of North American Indigenous Knowledge in UK Libraries –

Alan Danskin on the Cataloguing Code of Ethics at the British Library – pilot project –

Rebecca Slatcher on cataloguing North American Indigenous languages at the British Library –

Carissa Chew on  her Inclusive Terminology Glossary and the principles of ethical cataloguing –

Curstaidh Reid and David Woodbridge on their Work in Progress: Towards Conscientious Bilingual Description on the Qatar Digital Library –

Provisional Semantics, projects and positionality – Ananda Rutherford presents the findings from the TaNC Provisional Semantics project – addressing the challenges of representing multiple perspectives within an evolving digitised national collection –

Cataloguing Ethiopian manuscripts – Eyob Derillo on the history and challenges of cataloguing Ethiopian manuscripts –