Kickstarter campaign for second printing of the Bolted Book

The acclaimed facsimile of Fortunato Depero’s 1927 masterwork, the Bolted Book (Depero Futurista), published by Designers & Books, is now in its second printing and available on Kickstarter.   Please note there is a special offer for ARLIS/UK and Ireland members during the Kickstarter campaign: Bolted Book Facsimile + Reader’s Guide + Custom-designed display stand (3-piece set) for $127.   Your name will be included […]

New partnership between Bloomsbury Digital Resources and global trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops

Bloomsbury Digital Resources is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with global trend forecasting agency FS (Fashion Snoops). Effective September 1, 2018, the two companies will bring FS’s commercial trend platform to the educational market to raise the bar in innovative design and creation of trend–based concepts.   The FS trend platform is a one-stop-shop […]

Introducing… JISC Collections vendor Artifex Press!

Artifex Press, a publisher of digital catalogues raisonnés, is excited to announce we are a vendor within JISC Collections; simplifying access to our catalogues for higher education and research institutions across the United Kingdom.  We invite you to a webinar and free trial access. WEBINAR – All attendees will be offered a free 30-day trial […]

New publication: ‘Francis Towne’s Lake District Sketchbook’

FRANCIS TOWNE’S LAKE DISTRICT SKETCHBOOK A FACSIMILE RECONSTRUCTION With an Introduction and Notes by Timothy Wilcox The watercolours of Francis Towne are among the most admired in eighteenth-century British art. After his trip to Italy and the Alps, it was his subsequent tour, to the Lake District in 1786, which marked the true climax of […]

Book reviews, May 2017

  A Crash Course in Publishing for Librarians in three books Two books about publishing that all librarians must read are Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century and Books in the Digital Age: The Transformation of Academic and Higher Education Publishing in Britain and the United States.  Both are by sociologist, […]

para-text publishing experiment: new issue now available

The third issue of experimental publishing project para·text is now available. ©Emily Fitzell ©Emily Fitzell para·text is a print and online publishing experiment that aims to put space between poetic texts and their paratextual frameworks. para·text is printed roughly twice a year in an edition of 80, on Munken Lynx 120gsm by Hato Press. Corresponding […]

The Special Collections Handbook: new edition

Facet Publishing announce the release of the second edition of The Special Collections Handbook. The Special Collections Handbook, 2nd edition | Jan 2017 | 336pp | paperback: 9781783301263 | £59.95 | hardback: 9781783301270 | £119.95 | ebook: 9781783301287 | £59.95 This new edition from Alison Cullingford, Special Collections Librarian at the University of Bradford, is […]

‘Radical Brighton’ : digitisation project blog

‘Radical Brighton: Alternative/Left/Freak/Radical/Hippie, etc. local papers’ A blog has been launched to document the progress of the Radical Brighton project, a digitisation project to preserve the ephemeral (and therefore archivally elusive and highly perishable) locally-produced radical publications- zines, countercultural activist publications, comics, diaries, calendars, etc., often hand-made –  emerging from the UK, and Brighton in […]

Book reviews, June 2016

These two titles published by Park Books of Switzerland provide very different approaches to modern art and architecture. (The second piece is my attempt to emulate the book’s style and format.) Pisarik, Sonja and Gudrun Hausegger (Eds.) – Architecture in Austria in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Zürich: Park Books, 2016. £55.00.. 978-3-03860-011-4 Fantastically illustrated, […]