Kickstarter campaign for second printing of the Bolted Book

The acclaimed facsimile of Fortunato Depero’s 1927 masterwork, the Bolted Book (Depero Futurista), published by Designers & Booksis now in its second printing and available on Kickstarter.


Please note there is a special offer for ARLIS/UK and Ireland members during the Kickstarter campaign:

  • Bolted Book Facsimile + Reader’s Guide + Custom-designed display stand (3-piece set) for $127.


Your name will be included as a project supporter on the Acknowledgements page of the Reader’s Guide and also on a page on– the Official Bolted Book Website.


To take advantage of this offer, which is valid for the entire Kickstarter campaign, go to the Kickstarter page “The Bolted Book: An Avant-garde Masterpiece” and select this reward:


Pledge $127 or more: Bolted Book “Affiliate #1” Special.


“Depero Futurista (also known as the Bolted Book) is considered one of the avant-garde masterpieces in the history of the book-object. It exemplifies all the Futurist innovations: witty typographical effects; the use of colored inks and decorated paper; the brilliant idea of dynamo binding, making the book seem like a machine.”  — from The Artist and the Book in Twentieth-century Italy (Museum of Modern Art, 1992)


The Kickstarter runs through March 19, 2019.