‘Catalogue that!’ – ARLIS/UK & Ireland cataloguing workshop (online)

Catalogue That!


Please find below the details of an upcoming online workshop, ‘Catalogue that!’, to be held on Friday 16th April 2021, 1.30-2.45 pm, and repeated on Friday 7th May 2021 1.30-2.45 pm.

This session will be led by Amy Staniforth, and colleagues Simon French and Lloyd Roderick from Aberystwyth University, and is organised by the ARLIS Cataloguing and Classification Committee.

To book your free place via Eventbrite please visit the link below.  Places are limited:


Please find below further details on the workshop:

Following on from Victoria Parkinson’s excellent Introduction to Cataloguing we would like to invite you to a cataloguing from-the-bottom-up session.

We are librarians at Aberystwyth and while we are in no way art or cataloguing experts (!) we do love to talk about cataloguing. We will share cataloguing templates and information about the resource we plan to catalogue before the session so that you can work along with us.

This is a session for beginners to ‘look over a cataloguer’s shoulder’ so no prior experience is needed. If you are interested in this topic do watch Victoria Parkinson’s Introduction to Cataloguing [https://youtu.be/WQyTO4kOe4M]

We hope that by the end of this session delegates will:

·         Have had an opportunity to see how cataloguers work in a Library Management System

·         Have been introduced to the principle elements of a resource used in its       description for discovery in a library catalogue

·         Have had a chance to think about controlled vocabularies and see Library of Congress authorities used in practice

·         Have had time to enjoy the practical side of cataloguing!

Amy Staniforth job shares as the Resource Discovery Team Leader at Aberystwyth University and is also CILIP Cymru Wales’ Relationship Manager.

Simon French is a Subject Librarian at Aberystwyth University. There is not much call for cataloguing in his current role but he has, in the past, done some for “fun”!

Lloyd Roderick is a Subject Librarian at Aberystwyth University who has done some cataloguing in previous roles. After assisting in a short term cataloguing project has become interested in how ‘dabbling in’ cataloguing can inform teaching information retrieval skills to students.