Chair’s report, November 2016

Chair’s Report from Council, November 2016

Council met on 23rd November in an office in the V&A which entailed climbing a grand staircase in a wing of the building I’d never seen before. For me one of the fun additional benefits of ARLIS membership is getting behind the scenes in a range of inspiring institutions. Long may it continue!

Most of our discussions concerned practical steps to share out the many tasks which keep ARLIS functioning, especially now we no longer have a business manager. The Hon Secretary will shortly be sending out calls for nominations for Council, Chair and Hon.Treasurer and asking for volunteers to take on and develop other roles. For example we studied a report from Di McCourt who is steppping down as Social Media Officer on how we might increase our social media presence. Dear Reader, are YOU the person who could transform the way we interact with our members and beyond through the exciting variety of potentially available channels? If so please volunteer! And please contribute to ArlisMatters.

We also looked at the exciting draft programme from the Dublin Conference 2017 working party, details of which will be unveiled shortly, and began planning events and publications for 2017.

It is not too late to look at and comment on the report The Future of ARLIS UK & Ireland – 2017 onwards which is on the ARLIS website.

David Pulford, ARLIS/UK&Ireland Chair