Editors’ note

Hello, and welcome to the brand-new ARLISmatters blog!

Although ARLISmatters has been launched partly to offer a new, enhanced digital version of the ARLIS/UK & Ireland News-sheet that was published and distributed in print to ARLIS members bi-monthly until December 2015, we hope that this online news format will offer something extra, hosting a more up-to-date and interactive opportunity to highlight information and developments relating to the art library world – for both art and design librarians and others in associated fields – and a chance for a wider range of people, both ARLIS members and others, to get involved more spontaneously in sharing, promoting and discussing what’s happening in art and design libraries nationally and internationally.

To make ARLISmatters work, we need your input! Please send us news items, book reviews, exhibition news, details of upcoming events and anything else art-library-related that you’d like to share, and we’ll edit and post it to the site in the appropriate section as soon as we can. We want ARLISmatters to be as collaborative as possible, and to reflect the wide variety of activities and interests of both ARLIS members and others working with art and design materials and resources.

You can also add comments to the posts we’ve added to the site so far, of course.

We hope you enjoy reading ARLISmatters, and that it will offer a platform for dialogue and for enriching and enhancing your work and interests. Please get in touch to let us know what you think about the new format and send us your feedback on the site – and of course new posts!

We really look forward to hearing from you – please send us your contributions at:


Thank you!

Cathy Johns




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