Exhibition: MISSES EVERYTHING, August 2019

ARLIS 50th Anniversary event: MISSES EVERYTHING, August 2019

The exhibition MISSES EVERYTHING took place at Jupiter Woods in South London during August 2019. The project stemmed from a year-long conversation between artist Georgia Lucas-Going and curator Katie Simpson, in collaboration with The Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths College, London, responding to the question ‘how can we thrive through everyday acts of resistance?’ Focusing on group chats, Facetime and site-specific methods of working, the exhibition sought to address power dynamics within the institution and continued Lucas-Going’s dismantling of hierarchies and boundaries within materials, language and space. MISSES EVERYTHING prioritised making space for hidden or undocumented conversations by considering gossip and listening as being deeply rooted in community and self building. Lucas-Going utilised disruption in a public space with the creation of two new outdoor works; a sound piece installed in a public underpass adjacent to the gallery and the installation of a new large banner which is now permanently installed on the outside of the gallery building. Visitors could decide whether to enter the gallery space or not with an exhibition inside featuring a video and sculptural work. For installation images and to listen to the newly commissioned sound work ‘RANTS’ (Explicit content, half hearsay half facts) please visit here.

Katie Simpson,

Curatorial Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London/Jupiter Woods