Last Council member urgently needed for ARLIS! Deadline to apply is today, 18 April

Dear members and friends,

Just a reminder that today is the deadline for the recruitment of the last Saviour of the Universe.

The Society needs an Operational Treasurer to join the officers core and share treasury duties with the Hon Treasurer.

We have divided the role to make it easier, as we all have heavy working commitments, and were hoping to recruit before this year’s AGM (8th May), so that all officers can be officially voted in then.

If we fail to recruit, we will have to look into sourcing out, that is, paying an accountant to do the job. This is highly unusual for societies such as ours, which are usually run by volunteers. Although we are in a financial position at present to pay for the service, we do not know if this will be sustainable, and we would rather spend the money providing events, support, awards and discounts to members.

In the past couple of years, we have operated in a state of emergency, but things are getting into place and having a full core of officers will most certainly make for smooth sailing. We are only one down, so we are almost there!

Perhaps there is someone who has been thinking about it but, like all of us, has been too busy to get in touch, and didn’t realise the deadline is upon us already. If so, please contact me – Council and I are very much looking forward to hearing from you!


Many thanks,

Carla Marchesan

Chair ARLIS UK & Ireland