Saviours of the Universe urgently needed!

Dear members and friends,

As you know, ARLIS UK & Ireland is still going through the considerable challenge of trying to function without a Business Manager. Most professional organisations like ours are run entirely by volunteers: ARLIS UK & Ireland has not been used to working like this, and we are  still adjusting to it.

Before Christmas we called for people to take on three key roles: Hon. Secretary, Membership Secretary and Minutes Secretary.

We have been very lucky to have found an experienced and enthusiastic Membership Secretary, also thanks to the encouragement and support of management at the National Art Library  at the V&A, where she works. Rebecca Daniels was accepted as Membership Secretary at the Council meeting of 2nd Feb, to be confirmed by members at the AGM. This is very good news indeed.

However, there have been no volunteers coming forward for the other two roles.

Last month we issued a call for the key roles of Hon. Treasurer and Operational Treasurer. Again, in spite of splitting the role  in two, as we did with the Hon. Secretary, in order to make them more manageable, we have received enquiries about the roles, but no offers so far.

Our current Hon. Treasurer is stepping down, so ARLIS UK & Ireland is now without treasurer and without secretary. The treasury roles will need to be filled ASAP, in order for ARLIS UK & Ireland to continue functioning.

There are many really dedicated members of Council who have been extraordinary in keeping our Society going, but who cannot commit beyond their current duties.

I took on the role of Chair because, like many of us, I have for many years benefited from the hugely valuable events, publications and networking opportunities that members have so passionately and tirelessly enabled for the benefit of our art libraries and archives community, and I wanted to give something back. I hope some of you will be willing to do the same.

ARLIS UK & Ireland Council is thus renewing the call for the following Officers roles:

Hon. Treasurer

Operational Treasurer

Hon. Secretary

Minutes Secretary

The deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 18 April.

Ideally there will be new officers accepted by Council to be confirmed by members at the AGM on 8th  May.

I hope library managers will encourage and allow their staff to come forward, and see this as an opportunity to gain experience that perhaps is not currently available to them in their present position, and to make a very valuable contribution to the profession.

Please note that, although the maximum consecutive term for an officer is six years and for members of council is four years, this does not in any way mean that there is an obligation to commit for the entire maximum term. In addition, officers are confirmed every year at the AGM, should they wish to continue. It is understood that due to changed circumstances an officer might need to step down earlier than foreseen, but we hope that in any event, reasonable notice will be given.

If we fail to  find the officers needed to continue running our Society, by the AGM ARLIS UK & Ireland will be in a very critical position. So  –  please consider offering to take on a role.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like to discuss any of the roles or to request a role description.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

Carla Marchesan

Chair ARLIS UK & Ireland
T +44 (0)20 7613 8507