Pop-up books on show at the Royal College of Art Library

‘2D or 3D? Books with added value’

The Royal College of Art Library team has put together an exhibition in the RCA Library celebrating the art of the pop-up book, highlighting adventurous experiments with the form as an inspiring reminder of how flexible the book format can be.

The titles in the exhibition, selected from the RCA Library’s collection, incorporate elaborate fold-out illustrations, pop-up constructions of all kinds, revolving discs that reveal visual jokes, dramatic movement caused by a series of interlocking levers or tabs and multi-tiered pages. The exhibition also includes ‘tunnel’ and ‘carousel’ books, reflective and distorting surfaces, and stereoscopic anaglyph and full-colour 3D images (with a handy pair of spectacles attached), all of which give depth to a narrative, no matter how abstract that might be.

The exhibition runs until 11 April 2016, and has proved of great interest to students in a wide range of disciplines; they are enjoying seeing how each turn of a page becomes an event.

PopUp exhib landscape
‘2D or 3D: Books with added value’, Royal College of Art Library, installation view. Photo: Corinne Noble.